Wednesday 15 February 2012

Phuket: Food

Food. I love it! In particular, Food in Thailand is great! I've tried it before and had a great time! Nic and I had a great time sampling as much as possible, some Thai, some not so Thai but all really great. Even the curries that we ordered that ended up burning our mouths!

Aeroplane food, it can only get better from here on!

First meal, shared spring rolls

and Pad Thai. amazballs!

It didn't look very appertising, but tasted good.

Red curry, deep fried veg and satay chicken.

Grilled fish steak (that I thought would be tuna but wasn't)

Burger and chips.. and the first time I've had feta cheese in 2 years. It was simply scrumptious!

Pad Thai take 2.

Banana Split!

Deep fried prawns

Steamed mussels

Satay Chicken

Proper sausage sandwich. Another first for 2 years.

Lovely cookies, banana smoothies and our cool dude sunnies!

Indian. Lush.

Oooh a dippy boiled egg.

Sweetcorn on the beach

Prawn & Veg stir fry

Spring rolls, onion rings and calamari.

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