Wednesday 19 January 2011

Seodaemun Prison

Yesterday we decided to do something cultural in this city of ours and headed to Seodaemun Prison. A former Japanese prison that housed independence activists during the Japanese occupation.

Checking out what the craic is.

Prison entrance

Thought this building was cool. Dunno what it is.

Prison layout as it is now.

Prison layout as it was.

Yoo Kwan-Sun. Patriotic Martyr who died in the prison after fierce torture from the Japanese.

All four walls in this room were filled with pictures of the inmates of the prison.

One of the torture devices.

So narrow a prisoner cannot sit down.

One of the wings

Prisoner Cell Block H.

2 C

Exercise yard

Or the Konglish translation... Playground of a prisoner.

Female cells, underground. This is where Yoo Gwan-Sun was held.

Prisoners made these bricks

Which were stamped with a Chinese character and make up the floor of the entrance.

FYI: If you want to visit the prison (highly recommended) Get the subway to Dongnimmun Station on the orange line 3 and take 3 exit 5 and you can see the prison from the station exit.

Afterwards we went to Dan's to watch Rocky (shit film) and have tea. He had no cups so we drunk it from beer jugs.

Chris's was a Guiness mug.
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