Tuesday 15 February 2011

My birthday

Saturday was my birthday so to celebrate I was going to let some Dr Fish nibble at my toes, but when we arrived at the place, the place wasn't actually there... we were informed by a crazy drunk Korean man that it had closed down because it is 'bad for you health'. So instead we went into a game bang (game room). These are places where you pay by the hour to play computer games, the one we found was for playing Wii, so we payed for 2 hours in 2 rooms and played as much as we could! Included in the price was as much toast, ice cream, drinks, popcorn and cookies as you wanted, so we duly stuffed our faces until we felt sick. Gotta get your moneys worth! In the evening we went out on the town, starting in Mama Gorillaz where they serve cocktails by the bucket.. and then off to a couple of different clubs for live music and dancing. Here is the photographic evidence;

Something arrived at school for me from Busan

Princess cake from my co-teacher. She obviously knows me very well :-)


Happy Birthday dear... dear? happy birthday to you! hahaha

Ji Sun, me and a cake

6th Grade teachers

Mr potato head and connect 4

We love to Wii

Free food, eat as much as you can!!

Playing japanese street fighter

The view

A bad photo of beer pong!

Mario cart. Chelsea's new favourite game

YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! am I the top screen or the bottom?!

I'm a little Rooney

Cocktails in buckets

Mono brow

The ladies

Home friends


Birthday girls

Papa Smurf

African Band


A lot is going on here


She was dancing with them for some reason...

He stole my party hat

Whose glasses are they?!

He wasn't drinking, but you can't really tell..

A boy from Busan and a boy from London

Second cake. yummy :-)

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