Tuesday 1 November 2011

Gluttony in Taipei

Taipei was food heaven. It was mornings of Dim Sum, evenings of night markets of discovering new things and finally revisiting some Chinese favourites. It was eating eating eating (with a little sight-seeing thrown in too). Don't read this article if your next meal is a long way away and you like Chinese cuisine!

Fruits fruits fruits

Our first meal was actually Japanese.

A bit like frogspawn...

A pastry filled with meat.

An incredibly unflattering photo of me...

Pancake filled with ice cream and caramel shavings

Dim Sum

Reunited with Tau Siu Bao

Yuk, I don't like this dish

We polished it all off


Little Penguin wine

Ah-maz-ing breaded calamari. Oh it was delicious

Calamari lady's stall

Eating some more

Chocolate baby

Nuts about nuts

Xiao long bao, Pork buns, meat pastries, nuts, tea and Wonton soup

Take Away doggy bag

The xiao long bao man

Yeah we like Xiao Long Bao

Haven't seen one of these drink places since China

Mixed chocolate milk drink

Finishing off our take away breakfast

Gimme gimme gimme!


Taiwanese Pineapple cakes

Hayley's coffee which looks like a moisuriser bottle


In flight food

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