Friday 30 December 2011

Look to the future now...

...It's only just begun!

Fun and games at camp

During camp last week, I was sitting in the Korean teachers class. She taught the students about 'Western' customs at new year (by western read: American, which she did in fact mention many times in Korean). Then students were instructed to make new years resolutions, because according to her this is what ALL Western people do, while at their family new year dinner. I always consider making resolutions, it is such a good time to think about breaking old habits and starting new virtuous ones. But as with most people, I give mine up after about a month and slowly slip back into a familiar routine. Last year, I rolled into 2011 in a poor state of mind, starting the year with doubts and worries and confusion. Needless to say, the rest of the year didn't pan out too well, and those doubts and worries overshadowed everything that happened.

Messing around with my brother

This year I look to 2012 with great anticipation. Although I haven't made any specific resolutions, I have one thing I will remember for whole year. Focus. Focus on why I'm here, what I want to achieve, how I want to deal with difficult situations.

This year I have many things already that I am focusing on;

Travels around Asia, starting with an (Essex) girls break to Thailand with Nic. August will bring the end of my second Korean contract and one I don't intend to re-sign. Which means I will be leaving Asia, although I have some dreams to fulfill, places to see and adventures to embark on before I leave. My summer plans are still in their infancy but incredibly exciting already!

Next September is completely unknown to me at the moment, plans include either further teaching abroad in Europe (or Turkey), or a homecoming to Essex, where I haven't lived for 4 years. 

Day-tripping to London with my mum

And what plans for when I do get back to England? After many an evening (or deskwarming day) watching 'Who do you think you are?' I've set my mind to explore my family history some more, particularly my mum's very unknown maternal side. A couple of books focusing on the second world war have piqued my interested, so a visit to the Imperial War Museum should be interesting. In fact 2 years away from London make me want to soak up as much time in the fantastic museums and art galleries in the capital city as possible. Making a trip with my mum to Scotland is in the very near future too, and if there is room within the year also an adventure to Istanbul, which I missed out on just before coming to Korea.

St Pauls

All in all, 2012 is bursting with possibility and adventure and promise. I simply can't wait to get started and experience all it has to offer!

Happy New Year!
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