Saturday 3 March 2012

5 reasons not to do a tour of Koh Phi Phi

At least not on the 'Phi Phi Cruiser'.

What we saw of Maya Bay
1. The pamphlet details; Sightseeing at Maya Bay, Phi Leh, Sightseeing at Viking Cave, Ton Sai beach, fun on the sun deck. We sailed past Maya bay, which was swamped with people and boats, and I think we sailed past all the other places but I don't remember even having them pointed out to us, the sun deck was full of people and devoid of fun.

'fun on the sun deck'
2. It is absolute chaos. There were hoards of people, getting on the boat and everywhere you look on each deck. A lot of these people were Chinese, people who aren't fazed by crowds and have no problem sitting/standing in your personal space.

Lunch set menu

3. You cannot snorkel and sit on the beach. You have about an hour to do either. We were supposed to snorkel but the amount of people transferring to the snorkel boat was obscene and I could just imagine how choc-a-block the small cove would be. So we decided to get off of the boat and attempt to relax on the beach.


4. The Lunch set menu was ok, but the venue was a huge room full to the gills of people, chairs and tables. The food is a mix of Chinese, Western and Italian. Strange and as with most buffet style food was a bit cold.

5. The Phi Phi Cruiser leaves from Phuket island and takes a couple of hours to get to Koh Phi Phi. It's actually much closer to do a tour from Krabi. I would also advise everyone to actually visit Phi Phi because I'm sure it's a great place to see once the hoards of day tourists have left.

So many people

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