Tuesday 10 April 2012

The beauty of Bali

Ubud in Bali was a really laid back place. A couple of afternoons while I was there I took the opportunity to roam around in the fields. These were rice paddies rather than the corn fields I'm used to at home but it really reminded me of playing in the field behind my house while I was growing up (but without the pesticides and allergic reactions). I hired a bike one day and rode around as well. Which was fun but at one point the hill was so steep and my heart was beating so hard I thought it was about to explode through my chest. Here are some of the pictures I took around and about in beautiful Bali.

These lined the street and were left over from a recent festival
Someone knew I was coming

I never knew this is what rice looks like growing

Can you see all those Geese? Random.

Walking through the fields

I've missed all this green
That tub is full of water

Yo, What you lookin' at?

Monkey Forest Temple

Funny monkeys

But this little boy's reaction was funnier than the monkeys

I was a little bit scared.

Just hanging out with the monkeys
See no evil

Beautiful place to live

The doorways are so ornate.

A heron? I think...

Restaurant where I had the most amazing calamari salad

Offerings line the streets

After an evening at the spa

Just chillin'
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