Wednesday 23 May 2012

GyeongBukGung at night

Last week GyeongBuk Palace in Seoul temporarily opened its gates for late night admissions. It was only available for a few days and as soon as we heard about it a few friends and I decided to go and check it out. It was, of course, very popular and busy, but it was still a lovely sight, and very unusual. I'm really glad I went along to experience it before I left. I haven't been to GyeongBokgung the whole time I've lived in Korea because it was the only palace I visited when I came here on holiday from China three years ago. I had a search through my photos and found the ones I took before, during the day (and in winter). One of the main (and most beautiful at night) buildings is surrounded by water, which was frozen when I came previously. This was a true blessing on the night visit because the hoards of people weren't thronging around the building and we were all able to get a photo without random people's heads in it! I'm no photographer but I think it's pretty difficult not to take a good picture of this palace bathed in light. Such a great night, and lots of fun and games with my friends trying to take jumping photos (and me not knowing the correct setting on my camera!)

The entry gate.

My photography skills have improved a lot since this!

Gathering our money for our group discount.


Blurry jumping.

Probably the cutest child I've ever encountered. This is saying a lot as I don't usually like children (why am I a teacher again?!)

New shoes (I REALLY needed them mum!)

Finally found the correct settings.

January 2009 - Day time.

May 2012 - Night time.

The back of the building (and cranes further in the distance)
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  1. The photos are breathtaking - maybe you have another career option beckoning?
    Think we may be sharing those shoes!