Friday 3 August 2012

5 reasons why Madchester rocks!

To follow on from Radiohead, and on the last night of Jisan Valley Rock Festival Chelsea and I were all raring to go for Beady Eye and the recently re-united Stone Roses.

We'd been really disappointed by Radiohead but thankfully watching these two Manchester bands brightened up the weekend. So here are my top 5 reasons why they were awesome and I recommend seeing them live!

1. Liam Gallagher is a cocky bugger, and whilst in Oasis it was easy to not give him credit because Noel was the brains behind the music. But having now formed his own band, he's shown he can hold his own against his brother. Some one in the crowd held up a banner saying 'Nothing without Noel'. Which didn't stay up very long. Beady Eye gave us some good ear candy. Stone Roses played all their great hits and there wasn't anyone in the audience who wasn't swaying and dancing along.

2. These two front men have a large amount of swagger, but they really involve the audience. Ian Brown danced around with his tinkling bells, throwing them into the audience (as well as set lists and all manner of other things from the stage), Liam dedicated one of the songs to the rowdy Irish guy who was heckling him, teased the audience about Manchester United and Park Ji-Sung, and most importantly Ian Brown learnt hello and thank you in Korean. Which everyone in the audience went completely mad about, and also showed that he'd bothered to take notice of where he was and show he was pleased to play there.

He really liked shaking those bells!
3. They've got a real stage presence. From Ian Browns t-shirt changes (from a tiger shirt, to one emblazoned with his own face to a Jisan Valley promotional shirt), Liams Manchester City shirt stamped with "Champions" and how many times they came down to the audience at the front and shook hands or high-fived with their fans, everyone was captivated.

4. We didn't expect it, but Beady Eye played 2 Oasis songs. Which we loved. In contrast to sour-puss Radiohead who 'don't like' playing their famous hits. Beady Eye played songs not even by the band because they knew the audience would love it. Thom Yorke, please take note, pleasing the crowd is kinda your job.

A bit blurry, but there's no mistaking that barnet and conk!
5. At the end of the Stone Roses, and after their fallings out and separate careers, they showed a real sense of friendship as they all came to the front and took their bow together, each hugging and clearly congratulating each other on the performance. It was such a nice end to the show and something you don't see much with any bands.

So there you go, not my first time seeing Liam Gallagher or Ian Brown but the first in these bands and I would see them again. Definitely made up for a disappointing start to the festival. 
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