Thursday 14 March 2013

Cologne Cathedral

I've been to Cologne once before, on a school trip when I was in Year 7 (about 15 years ago). I don't remember much about that trip, so it was nice to go back and experience the city and cathedral as an adult, with more experiences behind me. We made the walk up to the top and spent a while walking around inside. It's an impressive space, with lots of visitors. The tomb of the Magi is here (although my mum didn't believe me), so that was one sight to see. Outside, the Cathedral sits closely surrounded by buildings. Its majesty is slightly diminished due to the proximity to everything else. The view from the top was great, and on our last day, as we walked towards the town from the river, it was easier to take in the view of the whole building from afar. The cathedral survived the war intact, as we (the Allies) didn't bomb it. This, we were told, was because the aircraft at the time were not equipped with radar and therefore the pilots used the Cathedral as a landmark to navigate from. I don't know how much truth lies in that statement, but nevertheless the Cathedral remained intact, meaning visitors can step inside the original masterpiece. Tall, Gothic and foreboding, a visit to Cologne is not complete without entering this majestic building.

Alter of the poor Clares

I wish I could remember what these rods signified. I think it's the amount of Priests that have served in this Cathedral.

I think I remember this correctly as St Christopher; the Patron Saint of Travellers...

Craning my neck to get the facade in. Too many other buildings around!!

Looking up at the top.

Yes, my sentiments exactly!

Just before taking this the bell had chimed and scared the bejesus out of us!

533 steps!

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