Friday 1 November 2013

My next adventure

Living in Korea, I often felt I was living in the future; such a technologically advanced nation where electronic devices were incredibly hi-tech and widely available. My brother and sister-in-law recently bought an i-robot cleaning gadget. It seemed so out of place to see that in the UK, I'd only ever seen them in Korean electronics stores whizzing around the display showrooms. To me they seemed so futuristic! The kind of thing I'd have seen on the Jetsons when I was young.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Amsterdam to visit Chelsea, a fellow teacher I met in Korea. From there, on Monday I'm off to Abu Dhabi. 

Looking through photos of my next new destination I'm struck by how much more ultra modern it looks. Whilst Korea was so technologically advanced, Abu Dhabi's modernistic architecture really makes it stand out as a hub of modern design. It really looks like a city of the future. How we mortals might view the world in 100 years from now. Except, it's 2013 and I'm going to be walking amid these modern giants in a few days.

I'm really excited to be heading to a new area of the world, the middle east. A place that's fascinating and incredibly far removed, architecturally, socially and culturally than anywhere I've visited previously. Travelling is such an education, and I can't wait for everything I'm sure to learn from this next trip!

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