Sunday 4 January 2015

New Year in Cornwall

I am not a lover of New Year's Eve. I've had a couple of shocker nights over the years, and I think there is so much pressure placed on this one night to have a great time. The one night of the year when the whole world is out celebrating, bars that are usually free charge entry, you cannot get to the bar to buy a drink for love nor money and getting a taxi home is either impossible or costs you a small fortune. This year however, I had big plans for New Year in Cornwall with my family and lots of friends! Despite the long car journey down the day before, and busy preparations for the day, New Year 2014 was epic! Cornwall is fantastic and New Year's Day was spent watching crazy people jump into the sea wearing all sorts of silly costumes! 

After a long journey back to Essex today, I'm home now, with a busy weekend ahead preparing for my MA presentation on Monday!


It was weird being a back-seat passenger in my own car!

Beautiful sea view in Cawsands

Me and my brother

Brother showing off his moves (as he slipped around on the bench)

Some crazy people on New Year's Day ready for the sea dip (I know the penguins, clown and Top Gun pilot)

A few travel related gifts from the Christmas/New Year period!

I got a couple more steps for my El Camino bracelet this Christmas (Yellow Middle East and Ukraine)

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