Friday 14 April 2017

But how can you be vegan at a BBQ?

Last weekend in London the weather was fabulous. Lovely and sunny, warm with a slight breeze. On Saturday morning my housemate and I decided we'd take advantage of the weather and have our first BBQ of the year! I sent a message around to friends to invite them and the general reply was 'But what are you going to eat??'

Before I started taking the steps to become vegan I never thought it would be possible to really enjoy food living without meat AND dairy. During lent, and adopting this diet full time, I've had some highs and lows. Mostly I've not had too much trouble with it. The BBQ was no exception! In the end there were only three of us at the BBQ, the other two ate meat and we all shared the other dishes. We actually had far too much food and I was able to pack a lot of the leftovers up for a picnic in the park the next day.

Whilst I've been fully vegan, I made the decision that during this time I would eat plant-based food but if these dishes were cooked alongside meat or dairy that was fine. So at the BBQ we used to same grill to cook my vegan 'pulled pork' burger, coconut sweetcorn and the sausages. In reality there really wasn't much contamination and since this isn't something I am sticking to because of an allergy it was more practical this way.

So, vegans at a BBQ... we can eat just as much as meat eaters, and we can all enjoy food together!

What did I make? Hummus, guacamole, falafel, coconut corn, baked baby potatoes & plantain chips (mostly Deliciously Ella recipes). We also had vegan friendly flavoured crisps, olives, bread, carrot/cucumber sticks & vegetable skewers & salad. I had a Linda McCartney 'pulled pork' burger and the others had special German sausages. 

:: What's your favourite thing to eat at a BBQ? Could you ever imagine giving up meat? What would you miss most? ::
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