Sunday 4 March 2018

Wanderings Lately :: February

I started February learning how to make macaron and ended with my very first work trip to Istanbul, with a bit of culture in the middle. Due to the work trip last week I managed to evade the entirety of the snow that blanketed London for the week. It's not been snowy since 2013 that snow really settled in London so I am disappointed to have missed the beauty that comes with newly fallen, untouched snowfall. I am also glad to have missed the travel chaos that any kind of extreme weather causes in the capital. Maybe in the next week or so we'll be looking into spring. Maybe... just maybe.


Got my bake on first with some bake-at-home pain au chocolat and then at the macaron class at Les Atelier des Chefs. This was a leaving present when I moved jobs last year and I decided to use it as an early start to my birthday. I picked up some tips and am looking forward to putting them in action soon whipping up my own batch at home soon.

Bletchley Park

Mum and I went to Bletchley Park to learn all about deciphering the enigma code and the very first computer. The complex is huge and we didn't see everything but as the ticket lasts for a whole year it gives you plenty of time to go back to see the rest. Interesting to hear more about what went on and the rest of the people (other than Turing) whose work really changed the course of the war.

Work Bonding

We went for an away day with work at Flight Club Darts, which was good fun and I found that I was actually quite good. A surprise to me but I even impressed myself!


We went to Istanbul last week a conference this last week, and although most of the time was spent in the same building and in a room without windows, but I got as much out of the trip as I could. I've been before and did all of the tourist sights then. Thankfully the final day in Istanbul had great weather, and I followed some advice from a friend and hunted out the rainbow steps.

Friday was a lovely day, spent wandering around by the water, along Istikilal street and drinking apple tea (& wine!)


This month I also went to the Museum of London and saw part of the Whitechapel fatburg, drew the lines back on our netball court and had breakfast with Macey and her keepcup!
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