Saturday 10 August 2019

Wanderings Lately :: July 2019

Hot off the heels of May and June here is my look back over July.

We began July in Scotland, exploring two of the inner Hebrides and then a weekend in Edinburgh with Victor's family. Straight back to London to move ourselves into our new flat - shout out to my amazing family who moved the majority of my stuff and a sofa in whilst we were away. I had to work my second farewell since starting Chevening the day after our return. That week was rather hectic; farewell, then a day off, then into work for a couple of hours before I had to rush home to take delivery of our mattress. It was well worth it though and we're all in now.

It's taking quite some time, but we've got ourselves to a liveable situation. We're still awaiting some furniture and spend any spare time trawling through charity shops on the lookout. We're both enjoying having our own space and building our first house together.

Castles, Whisky and Gin

The two islands we visited were well known for their whisky distilleries, and we had tours of a few of them. So much so that I joked that I could now make my own whisky as the process is the same for all the different brands - just different amounts of peaty smoky flavour.

When back in Edinburgh we also took a visit to the gin distillery which was a much more straight forward and simple process to undertake - Victor was quite disappointed that it was basically just alcohol passed through a tea bag. We also got to try quite a few of their different gins and gin liqueurs.

Scotland was beautiful as always, we visited a couple of castles on Arran - one a ruin and another inhabited until fairly recently. The weather back in London was much nicer but the scenery in Scotland more than made up for it!

Moving In

A few snaps from our first few days in our new place. Really happy in this new place and starting to make it a bit more our own with houseplants and pictures.

Weddings in Back Gardens

Victor's cousin got married on a lovely day in mid-July. I wore the second ever dress I ever made my self (with mum's help). We also went back to the house the following day for round two with more lovely weather, paella and good company.

Staff Party

This year's staff party was held in Swinger Mini Golf Club. I think everyone enjoyed it, and it was a blessing to have settled on an inside venue (with a/c) on the hottest day of the year!
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  1. Really enjoyed reading your 'bumper' blog and looking forward to visiting your new home as a guest rather than removal person!!