Saturday 23 April 2022

Wanderings Lately :: January, February and March 2022

Recap of the first three months of this year; We spent New Year in Scotland which was lovely, then back to Surrey to work on the house. We powered through two days straight painting the living room which was well worth it. I joined a local 6 week gym taster challenge which encouraged me to get out of the house to try and reach a 10k step goal (which I still rarely reached), and mum and I went to The Swan at Shakespeare's globe for afternoon tea.

February; my birthday month! We got a rescue cat! Sootica is at this point now the queen of the house but back in February on that first day she came out of the carry bag and hid under the chair. I managed to coax her out with some treats eventually but she was incredibly timid at first. She's now very confident and has spent the whole night outside a couple of times! We also had our wardrobes delivered and built in February which made a huge difference to our bedroom, we had the small bedroom plastered and my mum came over to help paint it. So I've got my home office back again. And for my birthday Victor took me to Duck and Waffle for breakfast, I have wanted to go for such a long time and it didn't disappoint. The view was great and we were really lucky with the weather so could see for miles. I really enjoyed my food - I had poached egg with avocado and crab on my waffle.

and March - finally Spring is coming. We were able to take advantage of having a garden finally, there was a week of fantastic weather which meant we could cut the grass and finally cut back the bamboo at the back of the garden. I planted some seeds I bought from the supermarket and had lunch outside a few days in a row. We also finally did some small jobs around the house - putting up the kitchen blind, fitting a lock to the bathroom door and putting up my spice rack. Quite small jobs but they made a big difference. We're making slow but steady process in making this house a home.

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  1. Looking forward to sharing a pot of tea in your garden this summer!