Wednesday 10 April 2013

Edinburgh Castle

The first place my Mum and I visited in Edinburgh was the castle. Our first day had glorious weather and we wasted no time dropping our bags off in our borrowed flat and heading up a long strech of steps to the castle. The flat we were staying in (belonging to a friend of my mum's) had a fabulous view of the castle, which was lovely to wake up to on our 3 nights in the town.

The view from the top was beautiful, and we spent a good few hours wandering around the castle complex taking in all the views and various buildings. Particularly impressive was the war memorial (where no photos can be taken). With various parts of the building dedicated to different wars and books and books recording the names of all war dead, it was really an eye opener of how many conflicts Britain has been involved in and how many lives have been lost fighting for our (and sometimes other people's) freedom.

We turned up to one exhibition in time to get a demonstration about soldiers during battles with Oliver Cromwell's English men. Very interesting and entertaining. The castle is very photogenic so I'll let them do the rest of the talking!

Dog graveyard

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