Friday 31 May 2013

Beer and Waffles in Belgium

The last stop on our epic journey home. Brussels. I've been to the city before. It's a lovely place, but not brimming with sights to see. Once we'd tracked down Mannequin Pis and walked around the Grand Place a few times, all that was left for these two weary travellers was to indulge in the culinary delights of Belgium. Moule frite, chocolate, waffles and fruit beer sorted us for the two days we spent in the city. We even manged to meet up with another travel blogger friend of Mary's Jerick (of 25travels).

A good place for the end of our trip, even if we were ready to be on the train home by the end of our stay.

Fancy a beer?

Banana flavour beer served in a coconut!

Un Croque Monsieur

and when we got home, finally a picture with all our luggage.

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