Tuesday 23 July 2013

Arundel and Brighton

Earlier this year, I took a trip with some of the NYUL students to Brighton (my first time) with a stop off at Arundel Castle. Thankfully we were blessed with excellent weather, a god send after our disaster in Dover. We arrived in Arundel the same day as the farmers market (Saturday), which was great to wander around, as was the town itself. A quaint town, with cute shops and cafes - somewhere I could definitely while away an afternoon reading a book and drinking tea. We underestimated how much there was to see here - the castle is full of interesting things to see. As we were heading off to Brighton I had to rush around the castle rooms I didn't get a chance to even step foot in the gardens. A great shame as the couple of students who'd had time to whiz around them reported beautiful flowers and plants. Clearly the castle could have served as the whole trip.

Nevertheless we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Brighton. The sun most definitely had its hat on, and after some good (not amazing but decent enough) fish and chips on the pier, I wandered past the pavilion, around the Lanes and finally sat on the beach to enjoy the warmth before jumping back on the coach for an evening return to London.

Since I moved into central London in January, I've appreciated getting out into the countryside more than ever, and heading off to the coast is one step up from that. A cool and refreshing sea breeze, coupled with the salty air and vinegar chips wafting by. Brighton was great, and I'm so glad I've finally been and I won't be leaving it quite so long before I go back again. Although my true seaside love is Southend, what can I say I'm Essex to the core.

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