Sunday 2 November 2014

Nepal Chitwan National Park

A highlight from my trip to Nepal, was heading out to Chitwan National Park and taking a jeep ride through the trees and long grass searching for animals in the wild. We didn't get to see the elusive tiger, but a Rhino wandered across the road in front of us, which was truly amazing. We had a lovely snack breakfast at the top of a look-out tower and spotted a few wild boar, deer and plenty of birds. The trip across the water was a bit scary as we were paddled across in a long, thin canoe with water lapping nearly up to the sides of the boat. This made slightly more terrifying after our guides pointed out a couple of crocodiles lurking in the water. Thankfully none showed up too close to us as we floated from one bank to the other. 

I also took another elephant ride during this trip, coerced by my mum. I wouldn't do this again. I'm not  exactly sure about the ethical implications of elephant rides. I can't imagine that it's something elephants want to do - strapped up with a seat on their back and between 2 and 5 people sitting atop. They are also smacked around by their keepers - the mahouts - by a hook on the end of a long stick. It's also incredibly uncomfortable.... 

Just strolling across the road
Boiled egg breakfast
and spotted another one hiding in the brush

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  1. Why are your photos so much better than mine? Well done!