Friday 21 November 2014

One day in Amsterdam

I made my second visit to see Chelsea in the Hague this autumn. Roughly the same time as I had been last year. This time, on the friday while Chelsea was at work I headed into Amsterdam. Although I missed the first train (which was annoying as I was walking alongside it as it pulled out of the station), I managed to have a good half a day to myself roaming the canalled streets of the capital. My main reason for visiting was the Anne Frank House, which I queued up for and spent a meaningful couple of hours inside. I walked through the busy tourist area, which I didn't particularly like, I got slightly lost making my way to the train station through the red light district - or actually I don't think I made it to the red light district in the end. Following Chelsea's directions I found a great little area for lunch, down small streets of cafes and bars, tables outside, making the most of what was left of the warm weather.

Amsterdam was pretty, just as I had expected. Although I still love the Hague and was very happy boarding the train back to spend the evening with Chelsea in her lovely Dutch home. 

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