Wednesday 21 October 2015

Wandering around New York

New York was a fantastic experience. I really fell in love with the city, and I'm looking forward to heading back soon. I was really lucky that Samantha was there over this summer, as she not only let me stay with her, but she was a wealth of knowledge about what places around the city I should visit. 

On my arrival day, she surprised me with tickets to a Chinese Ballet at the Lincoln Centre. This was a fabulous start to our time together; in a wonderful cultural centre, where we could indulge in a culture that is close to both of our hearts. One of the things we both share is a fascination and passion for China, and watching this together was a lovely start to my holiday. We even had a little bit of excitement from down the aisle as other theatre-goers nearly came to blows over whispering during the performance.

Other places that I visited upon Samantha's suggestion included Columbia University campus - quite unusual for a city as the university buildings are not sprawled across the city, but all located together by themselves. Whilst I was in this area, I indulged in a typical (if you watch as much American TV as me) US breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and hash browns. I supplemented the coffee for tea though - I'll never completely abandon my British ways!

At various other points during my stay, I discovered as much of the heart of NY as I could. Both together to Samantha, and walking around alone I loved taking in the huge buildings along the huge roads, random literary plaques lining the pavement, and the arch in Washington Square Park.

Unfortunately our 'stroll' across Brooklyn Bridge wasn't so enjoyable as I got frustrated with the crowds and needed to get out of there straight away! I generally don't like being in places where there are too many people and I can't easily make my own way. I get a slight panic and can see nothing except taking myself out of the crown as soon as I can. Once we got a little further along the bridge I felt slightly better, as the crowds dissipated a little more. 

For the most part, exploring NY was one of the best things about my visit.

PS, this is not what I was expecting when I ordered hash browns! :-(

Really liked these mosaics in the subway, just about the only thing I liked about the New York subway!

Where's your favourite place to wander around? Do you like to just take a walk and get lost in a new place, or you do you usually plan where you're going to visit when you're on holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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