Tuesday 13 October 2015

Wanderings lately :: October

I've been reading some interesting blogs lately, which have kind of sparked a feeling of sadness that I don't really blog anymore. I could blame this on life getting in the way, or not exploring exciting places now that I'm not in Asia. But really the motivation for documenting life at home just isn't there. It's not really because I don't have anything to write about, I still try and experience as much as possible in life, but I am no longer writing about my life for friends and family to keep up with. Being in your home country - and although London isn't my home city, it's only an hour away from where I grew up - doesn't feel like much to shout about.

I've tentatively decided to try and motivate myself to document a little more. This blog was always a way to keep track of exciting times, things that I've got up to in life that I could look back at months or years in the future. I do this, a lot actually. I love to look back over blog posts from this month last year, or two, three years ago. What was I doing? What was I writing about? The thing is, now I don't write about what I'm up to, and looking back at last year or the year before there are no posts to reminisce over. That makes me a little sad - although I wouldn't have been travelling to exotic locations in those months, I would have been doing something, but as time goes by I'll forget what they were.

So I want to try and keep more regular little updates - maybe trying to commit to weekly is a little optimistic, and it may end up being monthly (that is if I keep it up at all), but for now I'm going to try and say these will be fortnightly, every two weeks, to post some pictures and some words about what I'm doing or seeing lately.

So here are the last two weeks; the end of September and beginning of October. Excitingly this is the start of Autumn in London. It my favourite season, one of transition and looking forward to a change in temperature, weather and for me right now maybe also life... more on that another day. Probably.

Autumn arrived in the form of a cinnamon and apple muffin and pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. A clever marketing ploy to issue these nicely designed cups that really make you feel you're entering into the spirit of a changing season... we'll soon be onto the red Christmas ones so better soak up the leafy, pumpkin-y ones now whilst you have the chance...

Actually I've been slowly trying to live a life of less waste this year - it's not easy and it's something that I know I will never be able to fully put into practise like others have. In keeping with this idea, I'm planning to invest in a keep-cup. I'm not sure yet whether all cafes/coffee shops will accept the cup but I have recently used my metal flask in a couple of places for tea. I'm not sure whether the shape and design of that would work for a latte though. I like the initiative and it would be another step on my mission to produce less waste.

I had a fabulous time visiting my friend Chelsea to celebrate her 30th in 1920s style. This was my fourth visit to see her over in Den Haag, and this time we managed to squeeze in a little trip to the beach near her house.

Last week I attended the Cake and Bake show in London's ExCel Centre. My mum and I had been to the show a couple of years before and we decided to go again this year, as it's a nice day out, you can pick up a few freebies and we always strive to use some of the tips or techniques that they show you at the demonstrations. We were lucky enough at the end of the show to walk past a section that were packing up and giving away loads of cakes and sweets from an afternoon tea for free. These mini lemon meringue pies were absolutely delicious, and I enjoyed every single bite! After the show mum and I decided to jump on the emirates airline for a slightly different travel experience and to catch the last of an absolutely beautiful dusk sky. Although there isn't a great deal to see view-wise from the cable cars, I definitely think going in the evening when the city is lit up makes for a better view than during the day as this area of London doesn't have a particularly nice area to gaze out at.

This weekend I stumbled upon this old hat of my mum's from a long time ago, I've had it in my wardrobe for ages but either forgot about it or felt like it wasn't a good time to wear it. Although it's slightly too small to wear completely on my head - which is amazing since I have such a pea head! - if I wear it slightly tilting on the back of my head it's perfect and it looked pretty good, even if I do say so myself! The best thing was when I asked my Dad what he thought of my hat and his answer was 'It looks nice, your mother had a hat like that when we were young'... its the same one Dad! :-)

The beginning of October, with all it's promise of crisp autumn days and changing colours, comes with a slightly difficult position for me as I lost my job and am now applying for something in that mixture of slight desperation at needing a job, with the added desire to find a job that can interest me, develop some skills and help me find my place here in London. There are a couple of options in front of me at the moment, so fingers crossed it all works out for the best!

:: What have you been enjoying this Autumn? Has October filled  you with excitement or are you dreading the coming cold weather? Let me know in the comments! ::
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