Saturday 29 October 2016

Barmy for Sarnies

A while ago I heard an announcement on the radio at work about a secret sandwich club on Tooley Street near London Bridge. A bit like a speak easy cocktail bar, but for crisp sandwiches... 

Fast forward a couple more weeks and my friend Siobhan mentioned the same club. We decided to head there to check it out. Sio bought the tickets online (£3.50) and we met outside the 'Chris Peters Newsagents' (nice word play there). It was pretty cool, and really; well done Walkers marketing department! 

Basically you walked into this 'normal' newsagents and told the guy behind the counter that you were 'Barmy for Sarnies'. He then slid across the wall display of crisps to reveal a hidden door behind which are a troupe of (very attractive) waiters and waitresses wearing aprons and bow ties made of crisp packets. 

We ordered our sandwich, drink and favourite flavour of their new crisp varieties. On the way out after lunch we stopped for a picture posing on the top of a large sandwich and then filled our arms with a packet of each flavour. These went down very well in my office!

It's obviously very gimmicky, but since it's no more than buying a sandwich in the tesco meal deal t's definitely a fun experience! Well done Walkers! It's closed now and the shop has once more become a nondescript house front.

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