Saturday 2 September 2017

Wanderings Lately :: August

The wonderful August weather didn't show itself until right near the end so this summer has been a bit of a wash-out. Although I am no longer defined compleletly by the academic year - August was always the last month of the summer as September meant going back to school - it still feel like summer is over now we're in September. In reality the beginning of September can be just as nice as August sometimes so I'm still holding out for an Indian summer and the chance to get out into our garden a few more times before autumn truly begins! 

Climbing Mountains

Vanessa invited me to join her and some other friends on a hike up Scafell Pike, England's highest peak. It was pretty tough and I ended up with bruises on my toes (probably wasn't wearing the correct footwear) but the views were totally worth it. I've made a video of it as well.

Garden Bounty

I've got a lot of green tomatoes in the garden but in August I finally found a red one! Hoping more of the green ones have turned red since I've been out of London.

West London

Two trips to west London this month, one to the south to have a long overdue uni girls catch up in Balham and another to take a trip to Chiswick House which was a good. The house is quite sparse, especially downstairs but it's interesting to see the inspiration behind of the architecture.


For the final week of August I've been in Cornwall with my family. The weather has been a bit hit or miss but the final day has been lovely and we have a pool so that's a bonus! 

::Has your end of summer been a good one?::
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  1. I'm very lucky to have a daughter who is willing for me to accompany her on some of the jaunts! Chiswick and Cornwall were great!! Lots more fun in the pipeline!!