Wednesday 2 August 2017

Wanderings Lately :: July

July has been pretty disappointing weather wise - the majority of the time we've had rain. I kept myself pretty buy though, which made this all the more bearable!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a come back from the sun during August. Especially as we have a family holiday in Cornwall where I don't intend to be stuck indoors!

July has brought about the end of our crazy busy period at work, and things are moving into a slightly calmer period of planning for next year. This is nice, but also confusing as my head is mostly in 2018 throughout the day!

I've also started to plan a few trips in the next six months or so which is always a thrill!


Exploring by bike with my brother (and ending with a cheeky pint), finally seeking out the plaque at Bethnal Green for the WWII tragedy, the Hawk I encountered at King's Cross station, watching my friend's end of term ukulele show and dragging my housemate to the Prudential Ride London and enjoying the centre of town without cars!


I spent a weekend with Vanessa in Leeds, mostly there for the Yoga Hero festival  but also managing to get ourselves out into the fields to pick our own strawberries. I was aching for the next week after the full day of yoga sessions, but it was worth it for the fun we had!


Well technically the London Borough of Richmond but to stick with the place name headings we'll go with Surrey! I had a voucher for me and 3 friends to visit Hampton Court Palace, which we did at the beginning of the month. It was a lovely day out, and full of history. The layout wasn't the best and we got a bit confused on the line of succession after the Tudors but the parts about Henry VIII were good. Plus Ayoola and I beat Siobhan and Felix to the centre of the maze!


I work for an American company, so in July we had a small celebration for our students on the 4th of July. This was my offering for the cake stand!

A Sad Demise

I managed to completely destroy my fountain pen in my bag this month which was very upsetting. But thanks to ebay I was able to order another - second hand so no wastage and the seller listened to my request and send it to my without plastic wrapping. The new pen doesn't match my biro and mechanical pencil but it does remind me of handwriting lessons from primary school and that's quite a nice feeling!

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  1. Always interesting, I feel like I'm experiencing your activities with you. Although I prefer it when I'm actually there!!!