Friday 29 December 2017

Liverpool :: The Pool of Life

I have mentioned before that Liverpool is my favourite city, and my friends have been on at me to take them and show them. I finally got around to organising this for the weekend before Christmas this year.

We stayed by the docks in an Air BnB, and despite the weather forecast of heavy rain for the entire weekend, Liverpool gave us a wonderful weekend of blue skies and sunshine (love temperatures but it was December!). We joined a 'free' walking tour which was a good move as our guide took us on a short but interesting tour of the town centre entertaining us with tales of the history and comparing the city to what it used to be like when I begun university to how great it is now.

We also squeezed in a quick look in at the central library, which had also had a facelift, and was a beautiful space. If only there was a public library space like this in London!

Finally, we spent the slightly less sunny day in the city museums; Maritime/International Slavery museums and the Museum of Liverpool. The Slavery and Maritime Museums were exceptionally interesting and were so full we were not able to get through all of the exhibits. We whizzed around the Museum of Liverpool, which was slightly more of a let down, quite a number of the exhibition spaces were closed and we ended up spending more time in the cafe (which was good!)

Liverpool still has it for me, it's still a wonderful place to visit, full of friendly and welcoming people. It's big enough to be a city full of places to see, things to do, restaurants and bars but not quite as overwhelmingly big as London. I'm not about to turn my back on the capital and still love living in Canada Water, but I've definitely left a piece of my heart in Liverpool and can't wait to visit again in the future.

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