Wednesday 27 December 2017

Wanderings Lately :: November

Right, so November (and October) now feel like a distant memory as we approach the end of December and the beginning of a new year. But I still want to remember what each month held, so to reminisce over last month these were my wanderings in November.

Social Drinks 

We had a supposedly small after match drinks gathering with our full netball club, which turned into multiple bottles of prosecco and a telling off from the bar manager just after the end of October. For fireworks night, we headed over to Southwark Park once again and I had my first mulled wine of the season. Good times with lovely housemates!


I spent a week in Scotland, on a pre-organised tour with Contiki tours. I hope to get another post out all about my experience here, but here are a few highlights; Starting in a return to Edinburgh, a whistle stop journey around the Highlands and a couple of nights in Glasgow I had my two best experiences in the start and end cities and met a some great people along the way to share the bus ride through the beautiful scenery.

Job Changes

At the very end of November I had my final day working at AIFS. I was sad to leave, and had a lovely last day with work colleagues and friends. Now I've started at my new job, and so far am enjoying everything about the new challenge. I finished the role on a Wednesday and began the new position the following Wednesday which was actually a really great way to go, as one week marked the ending of one chapter, with a nice space in between beginning of the next one. 

Christmas Prep

Blitzen, my newest Christmas decoration, made his way to my London house, through a tube ride, a backie on my bike until finally taking his place at the bottom of our stairs. On my first day off between jobs, I headed to Kensington for lunch with a friend and started getting more in the festive mood as I passed the restaurant above. Christmas was well and truly on the way from the beginning of December!
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