Sunday 15 July 2018

Wanderings Lately :: June

I don't have many photos from June. It's been such a wonderful month of sunshine, and summer well and truly arrived in the capital. I have been cycling into work everyday and enjoying lunch in the square outside our office. 

We had our first BBQ of the summer at home, and really started to believe football might be coming home...

I ended the month in Nice, visiting Johanna and soaking up the sea breeze and croissants for breakfast every day!

Work Netball

We entered our first netball tournament with a work team, and although we lost every one of our games, it was still good to play some more of the game. There are a few enthusiastic players so we may still get a work team together to play as well.

The Women's Procession

I joined Siobhan's work colleagues on the women's parade in celebration of 100 years since [some] women got the right to vote.

It was a great day, with so many people all walking together as a community. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day though!


The end of June, and the start of my short break to Nice. Waking up early to explore the city before the masses were up. Heading to the beach, for a whole day, an afternoon or to eat our dinner by the shore. Time spent with a wonderful friend

:: Is this summer weather here to stay? Can the UK really be in for a proper sunny summer? ::
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