Monday 1 October 2018

Wanderings Lately :: September 2018

September, the beginning of autumn! Although this month has mostly been wonderful weather-wise. We've enjoyed the last days of warm weather out in the square at lunchtime. Netball started again this month, and I'm so very happy to be playing again! September (and the beginning of October) always feel like a time of renewal, especially since I work in the heart of the education area in London. The new academic year kicks off, freshers are roaming the street and the seasons clicks into a new phase. 

I love autumn, and spring because they signal a transition. The anticipation of something new, different, a change. I am looking forward to the colder, crisper days walks in the beautiful foliage and the promise of something new.


This month's edition of catching up with friends... our first get together since Siobhan got married. All the uni girls back together, pottery painting, wine drinking and pizza eating (what we do best!). Venturing out to Surrey for a vintage party with Carola and getting a super swish pin roll in my hair. Finally, a birthday at work which took us for lunchtime fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes.

September was good to me friends wise.

Open House

Open house weekend 2018 was a massive wash out, so much rain! I had a half and half successful weekend. On Saturday I went to Lancaster House, which was super interesting and a great place to snoop inside of. It's been the filming location of lots of period dramas; The Crown, The King's Speech, Downton Abbey. It's also where the FCO take foreign dignitaries to impress them - so Obama, Merkel and other politicians have been here as well as royalty.

ON the second day, I went to a renovated Georgian house which ended up just being a tour around someone's house and explanation of why particular floorboards were chosen. So better luck next year! Perhaps I'll get into Downing Street in 2019!

More weddings

As the beginning of September us London family headed up north to see my cousin get married. It was a lovely day, and always nice to get together with family you don't see much. My homemade dress also made another wedding appearance... I may never need to buy another wedding outfit!


I love seeing a city view from a tall building, and this month I went to an event on European Day of Languages all about how best to learn a foreign language. I may not improve my Chinese much after the visit... but it was worth while for a view alone. Especially since we were there during golden hour when the city was bathed in the beautiful setting sun. 

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  1. Was lovely to share some of your special moments this month. Very disappointed not to be able to join you for 'Open House' but duty called! Maybe next year?