Thursday 5 November 2020

Wanderings Lately :: October 2020

We're now heading into another official lockdown, but having been working from home since March, I can't imagine quite how different this will be for us. We have ventured out a bit more recently - not least to view a couple of wedding venues and walk around the park with family we haven't seen this year. I did make a trip into the office this month, although only to collect some personal belongings and clear out my desk. 

We collected our new (to us) car this month, which is already making a difference for us. Whilst we won't be making unnecessary journeys during lockdown, of course, the last lockdown really highlighted how much we could benefit from being able the get out of London without having to take the tube.

Pottering about at home

First attempt at baked oats - nice but they really made a mess of this tin and could probably have done with less lemon.

Beautiful tree on one of my morning park walks

The deer at Richmond park have brought something extra to my bike rides around there on a Saturday morning. 

We bought this key holder in Kos, and as the sunrise got later, I caught this little pocket of light in our hallway one morning.


A moment in time, the week before our office went completely remote.

An incredibly manky banana left in my drawer since 16th March.

The office has been set up as 'covid safe', so there were a few changes when I went in. I also realised quite how many notebooks I have accumulated!

I put my summer clothes away this month and realised that so many of them still had marks on where they had been folded up before. I have spent so much time indoors that most of my work clothes have just sat in the wardrobe all summer.

and at the beginning of October, we had a small celebration at home for V's birthday. It was pouring with rain outside, and we had to cancel our plans to meet family since V's brother had suspected covid, but we made the best of it.

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  1. Enjoyed our forest walk this month, let's hope we don't lose Gilda and the children next time!!
    Your posts are an interesting record of life in a Pandemic. to think .... in 100 years time this will be history as we view the 'Spanish' flu pandemic of 1918. Wonder how we will be remembered?