Tuesday 15 December 2020

Wanderings Lately :: November 2020

England went into a second lockdown in November, and after what happened in the first lockdown I managed to meet my mum, SIL, niece and nephew outside (socially distanced) just before lockdown. Unfortunately this was the same day a the mass exodus from London - as people escaped from the city to work from their homes in the countryside. This meant a 3 hour journey from Essex back to south London.

I've got very used to being at home, and not venturing too far from home since March. It's been a strange year, but there are some positives to pull out. Like discovering how close to Richmond Park and Kew Gardens are to where we live. I've learnt to sew more confidently. We got engaged. <3

Lockdown 2.0

Walk around Gruffalo trail in Essex.

V went for a haircut the day before lockdown, and the barbers is also a florist (?!) and they gave him these flowers as they were having to close the following day.

We went on a walk through Wimbledon common. It was raining but still a nice bit of nature and an escape from the city.

Rapunzel finally got a haircut. She's not grown back yet so I am hoping it's just because winter is a dormant period!

Ready for Christmas

I tried drying oranges, which initially seemed to have worked but later went mouldy...

A little treat (V wasn't happy I got this so early!)

But he was happy enough with these new mugs from Sainsbury's filled with hot chocolate

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  1. Love the mugs!! Hope you planted Rapunzel's cuttings? Will we see lots of baby Rapunzels next year?