Monday 13 September 2010


This is the beach 2 mins from Kev's flat. Jealous!

Kiwi flavoured sojo. We wanted the slush puppy ones but were unsuccessful.

Haeundae beach is the most famous in Korea. This is it in low season. Apparently a week before in Beach season it was heaving!

We went to a bar on friday night called Fuzzy Navel where they had a small room with these lights shining where you could dance. We gave it a little go although the music wasn't the best.

Bao zi and Jiao Zi. Can't remember the Korean but I know it in Chinese, surely that's something!

The food came out on a big tray and was put on a hob on the table. After a few minutes someone came over and picked out the squid and cut it up. They cut food up quite regularly with scissors. This was absolutely delicious!

It is Kev's birthday tomorrow so I took a cake, quite impressed I got it from my house to school, onto the train, to his and then to the restaurant without it getting squished. The candles didn't really work because of the air conditioning unit right above us.

We went to the Busan Aquarium. Which is quite big, and they have a tunnel to walk underneath the fish, unlike London.

Kev with Nemo and Dori(?)

We took the glass-bottomed boat ride and fed the fish too.

I was pretty scared of the Sharks. 

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