Thursday 2 September 2010

My Flat

Oh London, You're never far away!

It was hammering down with rain this day , but being British I braved the wet to have a nose around the area. This picture was of the crazy fog above the mountains but it's not as good as the real thing.

Dinner no 2 (no 1 was pizza) This is Kimbap. It's really cheap and quite delicious! This one had tuna and cheese in it. Yum!

Dinner No 3 Small restaurant near me was about the only thing open on a sunday so I went in and got a bit of everything. The rice has beef inside. The battered food is; sweet potato, squid, noodles, prawn and something else that I can't remember now!

Dinner 04. Egg wrapped Kimbap. The lady in this shop thinks I'm completely crazy as I go in everytime and seem to point to something on the menu that is weird. I don't know why she thinks this, or why she continues to speak to me in Korean when she knows I have absolutely no idea what she's saying. The drink is 'Cherryade' which is actually just cherry juice, but really nice!

Toasting my first bagel in my cool (altho quite impractical) toaster... I even had cream cheese!

Most people have probs seen the following pictures but these are my small studio flat. It's quite a nice place and the area is a good one so I'm fairly pleased with it.

Yes, The shower is basically over the sink. On full power it shoots across the sink so I'm not completely sitting in it when I wash!

Lotso is pretty darn comfy on the bed, even if it is a single!
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