Sunday 5 September 2010


Dongdaemun is a massive shopping complex in Seoul. There are numerous high-rise malls with section after section of stall type things. There are 2 floors of accessories, 2 of shoes, a couple of male floors, a food court at the top and the rest are womens' wear! We only went into 2 but we walked past at least 2 more! Crazy! Only problem is the sizes, mostly small so i don't think i'll be buying many trousers here. Tops, shoes and accessories are ok though!!

Sneaky photo coming down the escalator, the women really don't like you taking photos!!

LUNCH! This was the kimchi, the silver-y things are small fish!!

This is dolsot bimimbap. It's really nice, especially when you can choose how spicy to have it!
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