Tuesday 14 December 2010


This week I got the 6th grade to make a paper chain to decorate our classroom. They all wrote a wish on their chain. Here is the finished product!

I wish for being happy.

I want to get girlfriend

I wish for boyfriend...

This was on most of the chains. I wish for a lot of money, I wish to be rich. Give me money!

Money better than a million dollars...?

We had a music concert this week at school, which after my success in the norabang (!) I was asked to sing at. Two of my co teachers and I performed 'yesterday' Here are some of the pictures that were taken!


3 co teachers and the 6th and 5th grade music teachers.


...all my troubles seemed so far away...

...now it looks as though they're here to stay. 


Abba dancing queens. Was a bit disappointed with this one, cos I've heard them rehearsing this number for about 3 weeks in the next door classroom but on the day none of them sang!!


Oh yesterday, came suddenly.

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