Tuesday 14 December 2010

Temple Stay

Here are my pictures FINALLY from our temple stay. Kev la and I went to find out what goes on in a Buddhist temple. It wasn't quite as authentically Korean as we'd hoped as there was only really one monk and he was Russian... but we got a taster anyway (up at 4am, meditating and chanting AND totally vegetarian food!)

This was the tea ceremony

There were two other guests as well as us; 1 chinese and 1 New Zealander.

Sleeping on the floor. Kev and I were in separate rooms.

This was the main temple building where we went for the chanting - evening, 4am and 10.30 am (midday...)

This was where we slept.

Another building, we went for calligraphy here.

Afterwards we went on the hunt for some meat! yesssssss!

and then out for Ice cream in cold stone... standard.
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