Monday 22 August 2011

Boyfriend Vs Girlfriends

For the last 3 years all the travelling I've done has been with my (now ex) boyfriend. After winter vacation I was desperate not to travel with him again, wanting to have some fun with my girl friends. So regardless of our break-up my summer holiday was always going to be with the girls, who I'm now currently sitting in the hostel lobby with. Since we've been on our travels for 2 1/2 weeks I've come to realise what is good about both travelling situations.

1. Transport. If you're tired with your boyfriend on the long journeys between cities or countries, you can lean on his shoulder, rest your legs across his and generally make yourself more comfortable. You're friends aren't quite so up for you drooling on their shoulder.  
B/F: 1 G/F:0

2. Weather. South-East Asia is hot. REALLY hot. Sweaty sweaty hot. Your friends don't care how sweaty you are, and you're not really trying to impress them so you don't mind feeling a bit minging with them around.
B/F: 1 G/F: 1
3. Shopping. He doesn't like it. He gets bored immediately. You feel bad dragging him around. He asks to go and wait in the bar with a beer for you. Shopping alone isn't half as good. Your friends are there with you, bartering for you, telling you what looks good, what doesn't, having a secret giggle about the horrible looking bags or weird accessories. Shopping is fun with them.
B/F: 1 G/F: 2 

4. Massages. He doesn't like them. He doesn't want one. You go alone. It's nice but lonely. He's waiting in the bar (can you see a pattern here?). Your friends are right there with you, discussing whether you are supposed to take off your bra or not, what's going on with her massage, if it's weird or not and generally having a bit of a natter. 

B/F: 1 G/F: 3

5. Men. When you're a white female in Asia you get a lot of attention for being white. Some men are sleazy. Perhaps if you are with a boyfriend you get slightly less attention. But there are still some pervy men. Your boyfriend doesn't see it, he thinks you're exaggerating. Your girlfriends scream in the pervy guys face 'NOT IN A MILLION YEARS MATE!!'  

B/F: 1 G/F: 4

6. Drinking. Your girlfriends understand the importance of buying that entire bottle of Pimms and share your excitement at having found it in the supermarket. 'Nuff said.

    B/F: 1 G/F: 5

Sleeping. In a cold place, it's nice to have a boyfriend to snuggle up with and keep warm together. In a warm place, you're glad you're in your own bed. You can stay in dorm room more often with girlfriends, because you don't have to have that privacy that a relationship needs, and therefore it's much cheaper. No clear winner... although my purse knows which one is better.

B/F: 1 G/F: 5


Nights-out. After your meal, you don't want to go to bed yet, but you're not on a crazy night out. With your boyfriend it's not weird to take a romantic stroll along the river/on the beach/back to the hostel.  
B/F: 2 G/F: 5

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