Sunday 7 August 2011


For some reason I never got around the posting my pictures from Winter camp this year, so as I've just finished my summer camp I thought I'd post both sets of pictures. In winter camp I had the most advanced English speakers for 3 weeks, in Summer we decided to do the opposite and the beginner students came in for 3 weeks. Summer camp was a LOT harder for me, and a lot of what I had planned went to waste because some activities took a lot longer than I have anticipated. I am going to save the materials and plans I made however and hopefully I can use them at a later date. Camp is much more fun than usual lessons because it is possible for us to do more arts and crafts and games and we had a longer time to really get into the activities.

Snowy playground

The very hungry caterpillar

How the zebra got it's stripes

Food break in sillim

The crow and the pitcher fable

Penguin mosaics

Summer camp 2011

The Enormous Crocodile

Chocolate dominoes

Roald Dahl character cubes

Lunch at one of the teacher's houses

Too many cooks spoil the broth

The Enormous croc week 2

Wanted posters were fun

This was my favourite picture

Design your own chocolate room

The egg drop challenge

Early casulties

They broke their egg and all the spares had been taken so they weren't able to test out their egg protector!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Their egg smashed

Survivor egg 1

Survivor egg 2
Video to come soon of the egg unveiling
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