Saturday 13 August 2011

A series of unfortunate events

So on Monday, when Fontaine arrived we decided to make a trip to the beach. I found out the way to get there and it all seemed easy enough so we headed to the bus station.What followed was a series of unfortunate events... but we did manage to get into the sea! Here are some pictures of HCMC and the beach day:

View from our hostel balcony

Local church

Outside praying section

How cool are the bins??!?
Soooo Similar to Chinese communist art
French Colonial building housing a museum

Majestic hotel

Little bit of Korea in Vietnam
Oh yesss!

Inside the Reunification/Presidential Palace


Inside garden

Notre Dame Church

Start of the beach bus journey

Moto to the beach

It was busy

but started raining also immediately

Once it eased off a little we went into the sea

To play with the waves

Fonts was too busy looking at the camera

and she got eaten by a wave

Motos back to the bus station

and on the way bak a guy slammed the door so hard the window fell out and smashed. We were waiting for them to sort it out so long that we missed our next connecting bus and had to get a taxi.

The bus with no window!
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  1. Where were your crash helmets - though you were going to be careful? !!!

  2. Actually I was the only one who had a helmet! I don't think they were actually official moto drivers, and only my driver had a helmet!