Monday 13 February 2012


 For Christmas my mum (santa) sent me a 'Book Lovers Diary', which is very handy because I lose track of books I've read almost as soon as I've finished reading them. The following books are the ones I can remember reading since the summer.

A great cause and inspirational story about how one man has made a difference to children in a troublesome place. But completely let down by it's writing and holier-than-thou narrative.

Lovely prose full of longing and retrospect. Also contains my favourite thing to remember when being shoved getting off the bus or train in Seoul. 'First one off's a Donkey!'

Lot's of stories from seasoned travellers. Not a bad read.

Felt rather sorry for Frankenstein's monster in this story. Not what I expected it to be but thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.

Didn't like this book at all, her writing style wasn't my cup of tea. But the historical events were fascinating. This is one of the books to spark my desire to visit the Imperial War Museum.

Such an easy and enjoyable read. Agatha Cristie is probably a bit naff for young people to read, but I loved it. On the lookout for murder on the Orient Express now!
Brilliant account of this actresses experiences throughout the war. She almost makes it sound glamorous! Great to hear about travelling adventures before this time of cheap flights and backpacks.

Another fascinating woman. Would be inspirational if she hadn't been such a coldly successful woman. No doubting her clear influence on fashion and culture. After reading I just wished she hadn't been so ashamed of coming from nothing to be so self sufficiently accomplished. It really was a great acheivement and one to be proud of.

Level headed and intertesting insight into more recent parts of his life. He's honest and frank and admits his mistakes and triumpants.

A travel memoir from a guy who wandered all over America, causing havoc where ever he ventured. Some parts are good, he was clearly enthralled by the beauty of the country, something which I don't think immediately springs to mind about the US. And he was very adventureous and unafraid of a challenge. But I couldn't get on very well with his writing style and some of the things he includes. It reads like the annoying know-it-all 'cool guy' down the pub who can't stop bragging about all the crazy experiences he's had. Who in the end you just want to tell to shut up.

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