Tuesday 28 February 2012

Make up and Jewellery

 As we come to the end of February my birthday month is over. A short and sweet month, but one I managed to squeeze lots into. Teaching grade 6 for the last time, my birthday celebrations, pancake day and the start of Lent, a week away in Bali and filming adverts for a cable channel. 

I really like earrings, although I often forget to wear them out here in Korea because I don't have a proper jewellery box. For my birthday I received 4 pairs and decided to make sure I wore a pair everyday while in Bali. I've just discovered that I have doubled the amount of earrings I have out here since I arrived in 2010. So I think they deserve to be worn out more often.

Present from Wendy

Present from Mum

Present from May

Present from Nic
A while ago I remember chatting with one of my friends out here about make-up. We were lamenting the woes of buying eyeshadows. Buying individual ones takes up space in a make-up bag. Not practical for the traveller, but buying a pallet only inevitably leaves you with at least one colour that you never use. Well... Korea has come up with a marvellous solution. Fill your own eyeshadow pallet! I discovered this wonderful product by accident. There is a small Missha store at my subway station and I bought a cream highlighter shadow to replace my bourjois one. When I got it home I realised it wasn't in a proper case. Just a small plastic packet. Today I went to a Myeongdong branch and the very helpful lady showed me how it actually works. So I have now bought a couple more shades and fixed them into a case. Voila! Brilliant! Please bring this to Britain in time for my return!

Choose your colours (4,000 KRW) and buy your case (5,500 KRW)
I chose 2 small and 2 large shadows. Both small or large also available.
Stickers on the bottom of the shadow

Fantastic! Only colours that I want to use!

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  1. Brilliant - even your old Mum will find that useful!!