Wednesday 1 February 2012

Global Sing Along

Just before Christmas a very exciting opportunity was brought to my attention. Oxford University press, publisher of a large variety of popular EFL books (many of which I've previously taught from) were running a competition for Young Learners of English. Titled the 'Global Sing Along', teachers were encouraged to choose a song from a selection contained in their newest publication, teach it to our students, film them singing and then post it to youtube as an entry. Korea has its own category, along with China and Japan. There was also a more inclusive 'global' category which everyone who posted a video was entered into.

I suggested it to my co-teacher who thought it was a good idea. I ended up telling a rather large and unintentional lie to my students about the actual prize on offer as I read the information incorrectly, but i suppose it motivated them more!

The Korea deadline has now passed and we are waiting for the results. I am very proud of my students because they did a great job of learning the songand performing. The 14th of February is d-day, so keep your fingers crossed that we are triumphant!

Here is our video, for the song 'I like Chicken':

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