Friday 15 June 2012

iPhone uPhone.

I have to admit it. I'm an iPhone convert. It's made my life abroad a lot more convenient. It enabled Nic and I to easily organise our Thailand trip (even if she did send me about 15 messages one day at 4am and wake me up!) I now use it as my main music player and I connect with people at home playing games like Draw something and Words with friends. I can check my emails or facebook on the go and the camera is pretty handy too. When I got lost in Bali and had no idea if I was near my hostel I turned on international roaming to check out my GPS, I check the bus and subway timetables and I take a quick look at the weather every morning (at the moment hot and humid everyday). It's my alarm clock and calendar. I have the metro newspaper app so I can see the UK's main headlines everyday and until I fractured my ankle I was progressing through the couch to 5k running app. I have a language translation app, and a currency converter on there, and another app that allows me to phone landlines at home for the same price as a local call. I use instagram to make my pictures look pretty and as my watch broke about a year ago I use it for time keeping as well. I could live without it, because I never want to be someone who relies too much on a phone, but it definitely makes life easier. My new most favourite app has to be popbooth. It's great fun and good for silly picture fun with friends. Here are some of the best photos it's taken so far!

so much fun!
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