Sunday 10 June 2012

Road Trip Day Two

On day two of our road trip we first needed to find somewhere for breakfast. We took too long getting ready and missed our hotel breakfast so decided to try out the train restaurant just outside. Turned out they could only offer us tea so after getting a cup each we hopped in the car in search of a service station to get some waffles. On the way to the motorway we went past a temple with celebrations for Buddha's birthday. We took a pit-stop to experience a little of what this holiday was all about. After a few false leads on restaurants, we drove past a cafe. Happy to see somewhere we might get something resembling food we parked up. On the way to the cafe we'd seen from the road, was another newly opened design cafe that look fabulous. A quick glance at the bagels on the menu and we were persuaded. This cafe was brilliant and we spend quite a while in there, looking at all the handmade furniture, eating some great food, reading magazines and playing Uno. We took lots of pictures which I'll share in their own post. After the excellent cafe find our hostess gave us a tip of a tourist sight to see. So back in the car we were off in the direction of a local lake. The weather wasn't as glorious as the day before at the beach but the rain held off while we hired a 4 person bike and cycled around the lake. There were lots of herons living on the lake and we were able to get quite close to them as they must be used to humans. After we'd given our bike back we went along the beach, it was getting a bit nippy and we'd not really packed for cold weather so took another breather in a coffee shop admiring the view of the beach outside the window. By this time we only had a couple of hours left before we needed to head back to Seoul so took one last quick stroll on the beach before getting in the car again. On the way home we passed a row of restaurants selling the local delicacy (tofu) so we stopped for our dinner and then were on our way back. The journey home was much quicker, and apart from the heavy fog along one stretch of motorway was quite uneventful. In 3 hours we were back home and to bed ready for a short four day week!

Empty swimming pools outside our hotel

Into the train in search of breakfast

But nothing was to be had

except silly pictures with the extractor fan

Service for Buddha's birthday

Free Bibimbap

Our wheels for the afternoon

This was before I realised I had a stress fractured ankle...

Why yes, I don't mind if I do!

messing around with cameras

Donna and our weekend souvenirs (shells)

I can't remember what setting we were testing out with this shot...

The afternoon view.

Our last glance at the beach


Weird potato cakes...

Driving home

The fog.. :-/

Back home!

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