Wednesday 12 December 2018

Wanderings Lately :: November 2018

Ever so late with this, but here's to November: so mild, so rainy, and a full week of illness.
I like November, particularly for bonfire night as it's always fun - and southward park display didn't disappoint again this year. Last year I was in Scotland, about to leave my job and ready for a new challenge. This year I was just making it to the one year mark in this role and took a couple of small trips to new cities in England.


For Ayoola's birthday we bought her a wine tasting class, which we all enjoyed this month. The lady taking the course was very French and like a strict headmistress but that only made it funnier for all of us. I can't say that I'm going to be any better at choosing wine to go with food, I'll still pretty much choose what I can afford. But it's always nice to spend an evening with friends sipping on wine!


York was great fun, and a very pretty city to spend a weekend. Betty's tea room didn't disappoint; and although the people at the Minster wouldn't let us up to the viewing tower the rest of the people up north were pretty friendly.

Clifford's Tower has seen better days, and the Yorvik centre was full of scary mannequins. The Shambles was mostly full of Harry Potter shops which was unexpected.

Canterbury Tales

Another cathedral town visit this month, just for the day.  Canterbury was a pretty town as well, mostly located down the one pretty high street. I particularly enjoyed the quiet grounds around the cathedral.

Thomas Becket's place of martyrdom was less significant than I had anticipated and I almost missed it... 

A Winter Welcome

Ended the month watching a friend singing in a Winter Concert. A mix of modern songs and a couple of carols to get everyone in the festive mood. The mulled wine didn't hurt either!

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