Sunday 17 October 2010


On Friday I went with Fontaine to get my haircut. Anyone who was with me in China knows that I am now petrified of having my haircut as my first encounter in China wasn't a pleasant one... and I hate the hairdressers anyway in England. Thankfully this time I was very clear that I didn't want much cut off and the hairdresser was really good so it was a success. We managed to persuade them (2 women who cut and then dried my hair) to take a picture with us!

Lady on the left dried my hair and on the right was mine and Fontaine's Stylist.

Afterwards we got some food!

Met Park Ji Sung

Went to a Bar called Woodstock

Found a Bull for perfect picture opportunity.

Got the train home

and finally met two drunk and very eager Koreans!

 Me and Irish Potato!

Line 2 Subway train

Haircut ladies!

...and just to be clear, this is how short they cut it in China.

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