Monday 11 October 2010


Last Wednesday Fontaine, Wendy and I went to Dongdaemun (my second visit) to try and buy some more winter clothes. I found everything I was looking for which was good! Here are some pictures of my purchases.

Cantonese Food!

Dancing girls outside the mall

Seduced by these in the shop... now they keep slipping off. Pants.

Finally another pair of shoes for school!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!

Bit of Konglish on the plassy bag!

My new Autumn jacket!

Me:' ooh this is soft'
Wendy: 'Is it cashmere?'
Me: "Well the label says Cashlike...'

Scarf (H&M) and trousers that are actually a bit big and don't have belt loops so show my builders bum if i bend down... Was so shocked to find something in dongdaemun among the children's sizes (Korean women's) that I bought them without thinking clearly....

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