Sunday 17 October 2010

School dayz

A little bit of what's been going on at school for ya'll to peruse!

Sixth Grade students with our 'Before I die I want to...' display. We took polaroid pictures of each pair of students in class and they wrote on their wishes and then stuck them onto the display. Still cannot believe that we have a budget for English class and were able to buy all the polaroid films with it (borrowed the camera off another teacher). This place is ace!!

American Monopoly... I duly informed everyone who would listen that the original is British! Apparently there is a Korean version but you are able to buy planets and stars rather than Old Kent Road and Mayfair!!

Mine and My co-teachers example photos. (Couldn't really think of anything good and didn't think that 'I want to visit North Korea' would be a good idea!)

This student's name is Kim Sung Ill (photo doesn't really show his name tag very well!)

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