Sunday 21 November 2010


This saturday I went for a walk around where I live and found the park my co-teacher told me about ages ago. It was very nice, and the trees were lovely with autumn colours so I took some pics. On the way back I went past the supermarket and found muller corner yogurts!

Nak Seong Dae Gong Won (park)

Some dude on a horse...

Nak Seong Dae - Site of a falling star!

An Guo Men - Quiet nation gate.

Lady bird lamp.

Chocolate corner and lemon tea.

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  1. Love the Tree photos - very arty! Perhaps a new career is burgeoning?

    Although if the situation between North & South escalates - Mum will have you out of there before you can say Jack Robinson.

  2. Jack Robinson....

    Where are you?!